Goodrich Tires

But it is not just the outdoor and off road tyres that Goodrich have to boast of, their aqua tyre manufacturing technology has also been applied to create tyres for cars. It is an interesting piece of engineering as the tyres are made to comply with the European legislation for safety. An application of this technology has led to the Goodrich aqua rim having a tread compound that can protect the braking system and the occupants at certain speeds.

They also designed the tyres to be FBI ( Franchised Freight Assistance) certified, to ensure these are suitable for federal and state level use. The results from the test carried out on the tyre show that it meets the required standards for safety and durability. The rear and the front tyres both have the durability, grip and steering of the original vention tyres.

The model is built to comply with the US safety regulations, ension standards and 50 miles per hour top speed. The model is built to measure 50J x 50sts and the sidewalls have a retro herd design.

When they heard of the Goodrich Idea, guys at the company started to call the new tyre the FBI. Not too surprisingly, given the pressure that the tyres put on the road, they decided to make it even better. They designed it to be able to withstand a 50 miles per hour run. Run? The tyre can go 51.4 miles per hour top speed or even even 52.15 miles per hour. That is amazing. So, what happened to the original FBI?

Well, the original FBI was given an all new tread compound and a whole shear of technology to enhance grip and steering. So, what happened to the Goodrich branded tyre that you can see at the motorway service stations on the motorway network around the world? Well, it seems that the Goodrich branded tyre group decided to dissolve itself and take 50% of the company.

As well as the new ATF label, which I mentioned earlier, there is also an ATF label. This is the sole reason that all of the Goodrich branded tyres are ATF approved from day one. No matter what tyre you choose, make sure you know the brand or why not, at least you will know that they are all approved and meet the durability and safety standards to buy.

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